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Pt. II: Kicking It Unites with Air Jordan 2 Retro “Union” Release Recap Pt. II

Pt. II Air Jordan 2 Retro “Union” Release Recap Part II In Part I of the Air Jordan 1 "Union" release recap, we talk about how we activated this release...

Pt. II Air Jordan 2 Retro “Union” Release Recap

Part II

In Part I of the Air Jordan 1 "Union" release recap, we talk about how we activated this release for the benefit of highlighting businesses. In addition to the previous events, for this release, we also decided to focus on a charity that benefited youth who attend summer programs. We partnered with Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE). Patrons had the option to reserve their pair as we offered 75 slots for customers who were willing to donate a board game, ball, or reading book for ACE.

Within an hour, our slots were filled. The patrons who just missed the mark were happy to donate the items they brought in anyway. The next day, the program coordinator came and picked up all the items and was elated at the success of the donation drive. Final total was over 100 items going to the program to better serve the youth of Austin during this Summer.

As the event progressed we incorporated trivia questions for patrons to answer to reserve their pair. The theme for the trivia questions this time was geared around black-owned sneaker boutiques. We had 25-30 patrons attend the quiz, and the other twenty questions we hosted a testing session on Instagram Live.

This was our first time using that Instagram Live, and it was a success! We received positive reaction from the community, and sneaker enthusiasts outside of the Greater Austin area were grateful for an opportunity to cop a pair.

Finally, at the release party we offered an in-store raffle for patrons last attempt to secure their pair.

We waited until the end of the release party to start this process, and there were 20-25 patrons who attended the event to get a pair. In addition to the release party, we also displayed the matching apparel for the Jordan 2s. This allowed patrons who might’ve secured a pair from the Union release weeks earlier a second opportunity to obtain matching gear.

Overall, we considered this event a success on the goals that we set to achieve. We offered unique opportunities to engage our patrons and bring brand awareness, and creatively we thought outside of the box as far as presentation goes.

We’re eager for our next opportunity to top what we accomplished with this release, and keep raising the bar from what Austin expects from a Kicking It event.  

- Kicking It


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